Stop the Wii U Hate

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Tech
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Hmmm… Another Wii U hit piece by a supposed Nintendo fan?

Ok… I’m really getting more than a little annoyed with the dumping on the Wii U. It’s the #2 next-gen console after PS/4 and has a significant lead over Xbox One. And let’s be honest… if Wii U is on life support, then by that standard XB1 was dead on arrival.

When I look at the racks at the store, I see row upon row of Wii U games. Not to mention all the Wii games. Maybe 1/3 case of XB1 games and 1/2 case of PS/4 games. It honestly seems like there’s too many arm chair quarterbacks who have their collective knickers in a wad in *wanting* Wii U to fail.

As far as people rushing to by ANY console… it’s just not going to happen. In this economy people are buying to replace an existing console, not simply to keep up with the newest toy. It’s not just Nintendo who’s sales are down. Look at the backpedaling Microsoft is doing to try and get people to buy. That argument is a straw man.

So far, I’ve not regretted at all choosing Wii U over XB1 or even PS/4. The range of genres on it is by far the most complete. We can play Mario, the Lego games, or you choice of FPS like Call of Duty. No… Grand Theft Auto is not on it. I consider that a good thing.

So what are you thoughts? Especially if you have a Wii U? Are you still glad you have the system? What games/features are your favorite?

  1. Jim Arrowood says:

    I love my WiiU. It is very versatile. Tomorrow I will be getting the new Mario Kart for the U and am planning to be somewhat occupied for a little while. Maybe a long while.

  2. Moogly says:

    The Wii U is fantastic, my only regret is that it doesn’t get the love it deserves, I’m not sure why Nintendo doesn’t invest in new game studios or something, to spawn up some new franchises they themselves wouldn’t make. The Wii U has lots of potential going to waste.

    • Raul says:

      I’ve found out one of the issues where the Wii U is concerned. It’s both a strength and a challenge. It’s processor is a true 3 core parallel processor. As in each can rub 3 completely different routines simultaneously. That’s a bit of a step up from what the standard multicore does. While it makes it immensely powerful, it also makes it more difficult to cross-compile.

      I do agree on the franchise question. It’s almost criminal that they haven’t released a true Zelda game. Or gotten Metroid on the platform.

      My son is a Call of Duty fan and both Ghosts and BO2 run smoother than any other system and look as good or better. They were suppose to release BO3 on it, but that fell apart. My son is wanting to get Splatoon however. It’s gotten outstanding reviews.

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