About Raul

Software Engineer… Cardiovascular Scientist… Christian Apologist… Sound Man… IT Consultant… PC Service Tech… Writer…

Get the idea?


That’s me.

I’ve always hated these “About” pages because too often they just sound like a bragging page. I’ve had the same problem writing bios for publications/presentations, as well. Finally, someone older and wiser than I explained that I should look at a bio as simply taking credit for what I’ve done and then forced me to do it whether I liked it or not.

Professionally, I’ve got an interesting double background in software engineering (still called “computer science” when I was in school) and clinical cardiac research. When you look at my Curriculum Vitae, there’s this strange flip-flop between engineer and scientist titles. Probably the most fun I had was when I was the Clinical Scientist for a defibrillator start-up. People would ask, “What do you do?” I’d answer, “I stop hearts.” Well, it was true. I mean, how else do you test an automatic defibrillator? But we did always get them started up again. Those were the days…

I wrote my first computer programs in BASIC in 6th grade at the computer shops I liked to hang out at when I could get the chance. Those were written on TRS-80’s and Apple ][‘s (no “+” or “e” on the latter). I built my first computer with the cast-off parts of IBM PC-XT’s from the research foundation where I was a work-study student and one of my saddest days was 5 years ago when I realized I could now buy a pre-built computer at the same cost as what I could build it for myself.

Add to this mix a passion and talent for sound. Fold in a long love of science fiction and fantasy and what do you have?

Yep. Geek.

But also a Christian. I’ve taught Bible Study and even put in some pulpit time. One of the things I learned early is that too many believers couldn’t tell you why the believe what they believe. “The Bible says it, God wrote it, that settles it.” No it doesn’t. In fact that approach is patently unbiblical. Whether it’s the Berean’s or 1 Peter 3:15, God expects our faith to be certain, not blind. Hence, my love of Apologetics.

And hence; The Christian Geek.

At now, if you want to know more about me, I’d suggest taking the time to read what I’ve written. That will reveal much about who I am – in addition to being sometimes long-winded.

I do hope you’ll enjoy your time here and that you’ll be back regularly. Even more so, I hope you’ll contribute in the comments.

Have fun!


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