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Once Upon A LOST Remake

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Once, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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The Once writers seem to be fans of a certain show that once drove public imagination for many years.  At least they have been accused of such by some of the fandom.  I’ve had my own random thoughts in that regard:  (more…)


I will be the first to admit that I had my doubts. Outside of a daytime soap, I’ve never seen a show put so many threads in play at once. Essentially, Kitsis and Horowitz planned a season where the success or failure of the show rested entirely on how they pulled of this finale.

They succeeded.


Not only did they pull the necessary plot elements together, they gave a very important sense of closure to the season. They also left elements set up for the third season. Impressively, part of this was put in place as early as episode one this year.


Hey reader!  I have it figured out.  I know who “The Home Office” is.  Mysterious island that you cannot leave?  Smokey shadow monster?  Doomsday devices?  It’s obvious; the Home Office for which Tamara and Greg work is the Dharma Institute.  My only question is when someone “turns the donkey wheel” where will Storeybrook go?

This is going to be a short summary and review of the first part of the season finale.  I will hold of a detailed review until the “episode” is complete.  Those who are familiar with my reviews of Fringe for Wayne Henderson’s FRINGEcasting podcast will understand my approach on two-parter episodes.  (more…)

OUAT – The Evil Queen (s2e20)

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Once
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Once Upon A Time is on its final rush to the season two finale.  Episode 20, The Evil Queen puts the final pieces in place to begin what promises to be a roller-coaster ride to the finish.  There are a lot of story threads hanging due to the very gutsy agenda the showrunners had for this season.  Kitsis and Horrowitz have promised us closure and resolution, though I’m sure there are a few question/challenges that will be left to set up season three.

Life has gotten in the way of my writing, so I will try to take advantage of it.  I’m going to change my approach in my write up this time.  Rather than doing a detailed episode review, for this week’s analysis I want to consider those different hanging story threads.  Time and space permitting, I will also provide some thoughts on what we may see as we wrap up.  This will post on Sunday as a “ramp up” for part one of the finale. (more…)

OUAT – Lacey (s1e18)

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Once
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Well, after a short hiatus we are back and ready for the final sweep to the finale of Once Upon A Time, season 2.  Lacey was not a high action story, by any means.  Hopefully this has the final pieces in place to get us to a climax and resolution, though I suspect there may be some more positioning in the next episode, The Evil Queen.  We did get yet another character (ok, actually three) entered into the story and this does cause some concern that I will discuss later.

Still, after all this time, it was nice to be able to see some of our old familiar and nearly forgotten characters again.  It was also particularly nice to get some more of the backstory to Rumple and Belle.

Speaking of which, I suspect the “RumBelle ‘shippers” must be pretty much soiling their knickers after this one…


It looks like we get a short break before the big rush to the finish.  For that reason, I’m spacing this review and analysis out just a bit to fall midway of the hiatus.  This should also give people a chance to get caught up on any episodes before reading this review.  I will note that this write-up is going to be more analysis and less review than some of the prior.  I am assuming you’ve seen and remember the episode.

Selfless, Brave and True was an episode that had a lot happening.  Though a few new questions were raised, we got a lot more answers — some of which have been hanging since season one.  Not only that, but one story thread seems closed and the pieces are mostly in place for the final sweep of towards the end of this season.  Personally, I think there is also a bit of set-up for season three as well. (more…)

OUAT – Welcome To Storybrooke (s2e17)

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Once
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Ok, Once fans.  I have to warn you what I’m going to be writing is going to sound like a bit of a rant, but the truth is, I am really only reflecting sentiments in line with more than one character on the show itself.  Let me make it clear; I really liked this episode.  Where it may sound as if I’m getting irritated I am sure the writers are pushing me – and the people in Storybrooke – in that direction on purpose.

To put is simply, Regina’s obsession with revenge is really reaching the point of a tiresome, cloying hypocrisy.  Is she really that much of a one-trick pony?  Personally, I think the story was written – and acted – to elicit that exact response.  I’ll get into this after I highlight some points in the episode that particularly stood out for me.  That will help when I come back to this.  (more…)