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Friends, I’ve been away for a bit.  If you want to know more, check here: A Word On Where I’ve Been.

Welcome to the Christian Geek. It’s pretty safe to say that this will not be your typical blog. Tech, gadgets, sci-fi and geekery in general are welcome here as well as Christian thought and perspectives. Though you don’t often see them together, there is no reason why they shouldn’t mix.

Before Reviewing the pages here – and especially before posting – I would encourage you to read the information in Welcome To My Sandbox. It will make all our lives here much more fun!

Just remember that this is a work in progress.  As my proficiency improves I will be changing the way things function here.  Don’t panic though, my goal will be to never make it hard for you to find the areas of your interest.

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Well, friends, this marks the first of the changes about which I had promised. The Christian Geek has now moved from the free WordPress website to its own hosted site.

What this means is that for you to continue reading the ‘Geek, you will need to go to http://www.TheChristianGeek.net.

The truth is that many of you have already been doing this. I have always held the domain name. Up until now, it had simply redirected to the free WordPress.com site. You only need to make the change if you had bookmarked the WordPress.com site, typed that in for access or were following me through WordPress.com.

This is the first of the changes that will allow me to give more frequent posting, better performance and more goodies for you.

I will still be able to be reached at raul@thechristiangeek.net. If you have trouble accessing the new site, contact me ASAP. (And I already know the RSS feed is broken!)

God bless,

Changes are coming!

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Hi friends,

I know it’s been awhile since regular postings, but things have been insane the last 10 months or so. Not only work and health, but a podcast and other blogging duties have taken up my time.

The good news is that I am not only rested, but am taking the Geek to the next level. Expect some changes and much more regular postings as the new year rolls in. Most of the changes are going to be under the good to give a better running site

It you’ve been praying for me, and I know many if you have, thanks and do continue. It’s helped me through a rough year.

See you again very soon!

City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons | Fox News.

This is something I’ve been warning about for a long time.  The question is whether these pastors are going to serve God or Satan?

Hewlett-Packard to Split into Two Public Companies | Fox Business.

This could be a good thing.  When IBM split off their PC business everyone won.  Plus it looks like HP isn’t entirely letting go of their printer operation.

One funny thought in all this, though… With the advent of mega-corporations, it’s always interesting to see them break up because they’ve gotten “too big.”  Unfortunately, I don’t see this bringing Palm back.  That’s one thing the geek in me would still love to see.

I know I may be in the minority, but I liked SHIELD much more than many others.  It may have been sluggish in the midd

Agent Carter

le, but that was because they had their story timed to both Thor 2 and Cap 2.

Howling Commandos to appear in ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ season premiere | Inside TV | EW.com.

As far as the whole Agent Carter thing?  I was originally against that.  Strongly against it.  I didn’t see the One-Shot until after the series was announced.  But if they can pull off anything like they did with the Agent Carter One-Shot on Iron Man 3, then it may be a huge surprise.

Sorry, looks like just another FPS.  I’m really tired of these.

Destiny, the world’s most expensive video game, cost £300 million to make | Mail Online.

Give me a good space sim game that I can use with my Saitek HOTAS stick and throttle and you will get my money.  Let’s reboot the Wing Commander or Freespace franchises.  

Even better, how about modernizing Independence War.  It had the best flight and combat system of them all.  Full Newtonian physics!  Give us that, and 000hhhhhhh! make it multiplayer.  AWESOME!

Wouldn’t mind seeing something new in the Mech Warrior world, either.

Director Ridley Scott says Harrison Ford to star in ‘Blade Runner 2’ | Fox News.

I’m sorry, but this is not good.  There are some things that should just be left alone and Blade Runner is one of them.  It doesn’t need a reboot.  I doesn’t need a sequel.  The Director’s Cut is the definitive version and it should be left at that.